What happens when a Floridian moves to New York and falls into friendship with her coworker and, ultimately, her coworker's best friend? A powerful trio looking to focus their creative energies into something meaningful.

Samantha and Rachel attended the University of Michigan together before moving back to their hometowns in New York. Maggie, a Palm Beach native, moved to New York and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. After Graduation, she began a job as a Conceptual Designer and Trend Forecaster at Victoria’s Secret. While at Victoria’s Secret, she met Samantha who is currently an Associate Graphic Designer there. Samantha and Maggie became fast friends after working on countless projects together and then… enter Rachel. Rachel, who is an Associate at Morgan Stanley, was the perfect piece to this creative puzzle. The three started going out together, made dinner plans, went to workout classes, planned trips and so on. They were always bouncing ideas off each other and were each others biggest fans. After attending countless women-led and entrepreneurial events throughout the city they knew they wanted to go into business together.

As the COVID crisis began to surface, they started exploring ways to make the most of this awful situation. They quickly realized there was a lot of good to be done and they knew how they could help. After many group chats, face-times, concept meetings and countless sleepless nights, Relief With Love was born.

Their goal is simply to spread love. Whatever is happening in the world, there is always light that can be shed, and Relief With Love is constantly adapting to those changing needs. They are committed to serving the community, specifically in the place they found their love for one another, New York City.



$60,000+ RAISED